The Bellando de Castro Residence 

To be considered for the Residence Bellando de Castro, residents must be retired and between the ages of 60 and 85 years old on the date of admission and be able-bodied and autonomous, that is to say capable of performing daily tasks without the intervention of a third-party.  In terms of eligibility, applicants must provide proof of Monegasque nationality, or of any other foreign nationality on condition of having lived in the Principality for more than ten years and the spouses of applicants in the two afore-mentioned categories must do the same. Furthermore, and subject to availability without being prejudicial to the afore-mentioned applications, residents from adjacent communes to the Principality are also eligible: Cap d’Ail, La Turbie, Beausoleil, Roquebrune Cap Martin; on condition, however, of being able to establish a historical or personal connection to Monaco through family or professional ties.

With a maximal capacity of 84 residents, the Bellando de Castro Residence offers a total of 70 independent studio apartments of a standard size of 30m2 with a large balcony and 7 other apartments reserved for couples of 40m2, each boasting two, double exposure balconies. A team of staff is at the residents’ disposal: in administration, logistics, catering, entertainment and care. The Bellando de Castro Residence is also equipped with a hot meal delivery service enabling the menu to be prepared and dishes to be served up on site. Either as full-board: morning, noon and evening with the possibility of a breakfast buffet in the dining room; or as half-board: breakfast optional, lunch in the dining room, dinner excluded. The rule prevails, in the spirit of conviviality, that lunch is eaten in the dining room for all the residents, whether it be full or half board; possible modifications notwithstanding and absences for personal convenience excluded. 

In addition to this, there’s a laundry and repair of household appliances service: electricity, heating, TV, telephone, but also weekly upkeep of the apartments and common areas: dining room, hall, chapel, vestibule, office, elevators…


The Bellando de Castro Residence 
12, rue Princesse Florestine 98000 Monaco
Tél. (00 377) 93 15 52 – Fax. (00 377) 93 30 53 96