In keeping with its philanthropic mission, the Hector Otto Foundation offers multiple services first and foremost for the elderly. As far as the two retirement homes are concerned, (The Charles and Marcell Bellando Residence as well as the Jean and Juana Giaume Residence) priority is given to the hospitality, care and assistance of the residents; and fundamental services – such as the quality of the accommodation and catering, the laundering of household or personal linen, but also the maintenance of the buildings and communal areas, as well as twenty-four hour security surveillance – are guaranteed to be of the highest possible standard. “Even if the spirit of the Hector Otto Foundation remains crucial,” specifies its director, Jérôme Breton, “its capacity to develop a social life, the many various activities on offer, its ‘joie-de-vivre’ and in a word, its well-being for everyone… conviviality is our main focus and bringing the residents together, whatever their age, remains our principal, everyday objective.”

Amongst its different activities, there is group entertainment as well as various workshops on offer to establish a joyful sense of sharing; and even if they’re proposed on a voluntary basis, these fun activities and other outings organised all year round are largely encouraged in order to generate even more daily exchanges between the residents. 

As regards its youth focused projects, the Hector Otto Foundation is greatly committed to helping families and children in need. On several levels, financial amongst others, in order to allocate financial aid for families and on the request of  social services: to pay the rent, school canteen, health cover and student grants.

Furthermore, the Foundation also offers help towards homecare services for the elderly, by way of providing occasional and temporary financial assistance to pay the rent or participating towards the cost of health care or medical equipment in addition to any existing social welfare cover.